Alex Rutledge
Simply put, he was born to hunt. The youngest of ten children, born and raised in the hills of the Ozarks, Alex’s first hunt came at the age of five…a lifelong obsession with wildlife was born. As part of the nation’s first turkey restoration program, in Shannon County, Missouri, Alex’s parents raised turkeys…giving young Alex the perfect opportunity to study, learn, and master their mannerisms, and vocalizations. Through a childhood spent literally growing up among tame birds, Alex mastered the art of turkey calling — becoming the Missouri State Turkey Calling Champion in 1986, before capturing the National Turkey Gobbling Championship in 1988. These achievements did not go unnoticed — Alex was asked to co-host the first-ever Governor’s Invitational Hunts in the states of Ohio and Missouri. In recognition of more than twenty years of extraordinary achievement in the outdoors industry, Alex was inducted into the Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame in 2007, becoming the youngest member ever of this prestigious organization. After spending 24 years with Hunter Specialties, Alex joined the staff at Rutt & Strutt Outfitters of West Plains, Mo. in December of 2009 as the lead pro staffer, and began working on another of his dreams, his own Television program. Shortly there-after, contracts were signed with Pursuit Channel to bring "Bloodline" with Alex Rutledge and his friends to the public beginning in July of 2011. Alex continues to beat the bushes in search of Big Bucks, Struttin Toms and Trophy Elk, but also manages to get in a little fishing, family time, lawn mower and stock car racing, and makes hundreds of appearances around the country. Whether he is doing a turkey calling seminar, doing demonstrations or teaching kids the finer points of rattling in a buck, Alex always takes time to share his love of God and his Faith.