Andy Morgan Andy Morgan has been dominating as a FLW Tour Pro for 16 years. This Tennessee native and FLW Champion thrives on competition so when you mix a bit of rivalry with his favorite past-time, hunting, it’s game on. “I make my living adapting to the conditions that I’m given. If I have to move a stand at midnight, I’ll move it at midnight. This is more than just going hunting and picking guitar at camp.” Chad Ritter Chad grew up in a small town in Southwest, Louisiana, where he began hunting small game with his dad. His family moved to middle Tennessee when he was a teenager, and quickly his opportunities grew from small-game to big-game hunting (turkey, whitetail and elk). Chad still resides in middle Tennessee with his wife and three children. His son “Hunter” is as crazy about hunting as Chad. Chad’s obsession with hunting became focused on whitetail deer and his quest for the ultimate whitetail will be an endless pursuit. Gerald Swindle His birth certificate reads Gerald Swindle, on his tournament shirt it’s “G-Man,” but to his friends and daughter, Whitney, it’s just “G.” Gerald is known best for his day job: B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year, Elite Series Pro and FLW Tour Pro. But when asked why he fishes, Gerald answers, “So I have enough money to hunt. Seriously, it’s a passion.” He lands somewhere between Larry the Cable Guy and Chris Tucker, and he talks about as much as he laughs, which is plenty. So when the THE HIT LIST began scouting for a host, G was first in line. Tony Smotherman Since the mid 1990's Tony has spent many miles seated behind a steering wheel in pursuit of the big game. From mid-western whitetails to bruiser elk and mulies in the Rocky Mountains, he can be found every fall with his muzzleloader close at hand. Tony has grown into the epitome of the Travelin' Hunter. He realized early on in his home state of Tennessee that if he was going to be able to match wits with his favorite quarry he would have to fuel up his truck, throw his gear in back, and roll on down the road to where game was more plentiful.