Our goal at "In Pursuit with Greg Miller" is twofold. First, we strive to bring our viewers hunts that are both entertaining and informative. But just as importantly, many of our hunts are conducted in areas that are accessible and affordable to the average deer hunter. In most of the states where we bowhunt nonresident deer tags are unlimited and available over-the-counter for under $225. What’s more, access to prime hunting lands in some of these states is still obtainable simply by knocking on doors and asking for permission to hunt. It’s an approach we’ve come to call "real world deer hunting". Of course, hunting such places means having to do our own scouting and stand site selection/preparation. But that’s exactly how we prefer to do things… because we believe the vast majority of our viewers are like us. They don’t have an unlimited hunt budget, nor do they have access to thousands of acres of privately owned, aggressively managed hunting property. Which is exactly why "In Pursuit with Greg Miller" has adopted a real world approach to deer hunting. Greg Miller: With more than 43 years worth of experience under his belt, Greg has become recognized as one of the top authorities on whitetail deer hunting in North America. To date, he has hunted whitetails in 18 states and three Canadian Provinces. Greg has taken over 50 record book-class animals. Greg’s past list of accomplishments in the outdoor industry are extensive. He has written over 1000 magazine articles, authored five top-selling books on deer hunting, and co-authored better than a dozen others. In 2004 -2007, Greg was the Co-Host and Co-Producer of the highly successful show, "North American Whitetail Television", which appears on The Sportsmans Channel. Greg had also been the head writer for the show in 2006 and 2007. Another aspect of his career that Greg is especially proud of is his occasional appearances with the extremely popular "PrimeTime Bucks" deer hunting video series, which is produced each year by Hunter’s Specialties. He also makes occasional guest appearances on "Hunter’s Specialties Outdoors", which airs on The Outdoor Channel. Along with his duties as a writer and television host/producer, Greg continues to conduct seminars on deer hunting across the country. Over the past 20 years he has personally helped literally thousands of fellow deer hunters. Greg lives in the small town of Bloomer, Wisconsin with his wife, Geralyn. Jake Miller: The second member of the "IN-PURSUIT" team is Jake Miller. Jake, the son of Greg Miller, is 26 years old. He has been hunting whitetails since he was 12. During that span of time he has taken a number of trophy bucks with both bow and gun. Although Jake is the youngest member of the In-Pursuit TV team, he possesses a vast reservoir of knowledge about whitetails. That’s because he first began following his dad around the deer woods of Wisconsin, and learning about every facet of mature buck behavior, when he was only five years old.