As a true one-of-a-kind on the outdoor television scene, Brian "Pig Man" Quaca has climbed to popularity with his unique personality and ability to entertain the masses on camera. Notorious for his pursuit of wild hogs, Pig Man debuted his current series, Leupold's Pig Man: The Series, on the Sportsman Channel back in December 2009. With a rough and tough lifestyle that fans from coast-to-coast can relate to, his foresight and creativity to develop a niche unconquered on outdoor TV has earned him a designation by most as a pioneer in mainstream hog hunting. With a 2010 Telly Award under his belt, 2010 Sportsman Channel Host of the Year honors, and appearances in USA Today and the Smithsonian Magazine all in his first 18 months on air, Pig Man's notoriety shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. "I had friends, business associates, companies and even a few network execs tell me that a hog hunting show wouldn't, couldn't and shouldn't work. Funny thing is, I don't remember a single time that anyone ever came up with a reason to tell me why. This show was never about killing the biggest or baddest hogs on the planet, but it’s about my lifestyle and the good times I have doing the things I love to do. 3 years ago, you just didn't see much hog hunting on TV and look at it now." Although his nickname leads people to believe that pigs are the only thing he hunts, viewers are often surprised to see the wide variety of species hunted and various locations that Quaca visits throughout the year. Having a dependable arrow with the accuracy, strength, and energy to push through a 2000 lb. wild bull in New Zealand, a 300 lb. whitetail in Illinois, or the nastiest, gnarliest 400 lb. boar hog in the heart of Texas leaves Pig Man with no questions unanswered when he steps into the field with a Carbon Express arrow nocked. "For the people that watch the show, its pretty easy to see why I choose to use CX arrows. There isn't any magic that causes animals to die when I let loose. It’s just what happens when you have great equipment." With the Mayhems and Pile Drivers as his arrows of choice, Pig Man continues his crusade to destinations both domestic and abroad with a mission to interject tragedy into as many four-legged lives as possible. Catch Pig Man and his CX arrows on Leupold's Pig Man: The Series only on the Sportsman Channel, the leader in outdoor TV for the American Sportsman. For show times, check your local listing.