Shaine was born and raised in the great state of Montana. He learned how to hunt and be a good steward of the land from his father at a very young age. Shaine harvested his first big game animal at the age of 13. Since that first hunt, Shaine’s passion for hunting and spending time in the outdoors has only grown. The life lessons Shaine learned while growing up in the woods from his family and friends are the foundation of his life today. Shaine is an avid hunter, fisherman and sports enthusiast. He has exclusively archery hunted for the last 8 years. His travels have allowed him to hunt from Alaska to South Africa and many places in between. Shaine has been recognized by some of the biggest companies in the hunting industry and is on several hunting pro staffs. Shaine currently lives in Montana with his wife and their three young girls. Raising a family of his own now, Shaine hopes to be able to instill the love of the great outdoors in his children the same way his parents instilled it in him. He likes spending time with his girls in the woods, teaching them how to enjoy and respect all that God has created. One of Shaine’s goals is to bring the hunting heritage to as many families as he can. He hopes to be able to show others what it means to preserve the land, harvest wildlife and conserve nature for future generations. It is this goal that has led to the production of Silent Draw Outdoors.