Heath Graham - Outside of faith and family, there is nothing in the world that Heath enjoys doing more than production in association with the outdoors. His opinion of the outdoor industry, as a whole, is that it has grown stale. Heath feels there isn’t much originality, to speak of anymore (with exceptions to a few incredible shows out there). His intent is to play a small role in helping spark a changing trend within the industry through excellence in everything SB is associated with. His passion for quality, in production, is what facilitates the SB movement across television screens around the country. On top of that he's an avid outdoorsman, who loves to chase wild game, with a stick and string.

Brandon Hunt - Cinematic angles, structure and frame composition are all talents that come naturally to Brandon, when he is behind the camera, producing “silver screen-like” imagery. He applies this same zoned focus during his quests for harvesting game. For Brandon, it is all about the methodical challenge. He repeatedly strives for greatness and accuracy when it comes to hunting and filming. These characteristics make him the “total package” and his contributions to Struttinbucks are second to none.

Charlie Parton - Hilarious - this word is always at the top of the list when anyone attempts to explain who Charlie Parton is. Characteristically speaking, he is an unusual combination of natural born TV humor linked to a rare ability of getting it done on film. His main hunting venue is public land, which is an even more impressive feat. He immediately became a fan favorite the moment he stepped on camera. His dedication and patience pays off in the field every single year, all while maintaining his title of accident prone. Regardless of his situation, he is consistent in providing his value to the SB team every single year.

Matt Cowell - Operating at high intervals, much like high-speed internet, is Matt’s M.O. Whether he’s cultivating marketing strategies, discussing negotiations or building partner relationship for SB -- this guy’s mind is always churning. If you’ve meet him, it’s hard to believe he can sit still long enough to hunt. But you get him into a tree stand or ground blind and he’s truly in his element. Matt is all about "Living the Dream." Raising a family, working hard and playing hard (in the outdoors), while appreciating the little things are definitive of Matt. At an early age, Matt’s dad exposed him to the world of hunting. It made a long-lasting impression that shaped him into who he has become, an enthusiast of the outdoors.