The Crush with Lee and Tiffany Lakosky

The Crush With Lee and Tiffany is a reality based hunting show displaying what life can be like while hunting with your significant other. Lee and Tiffany Lakosky invite the world into their lives to experience what it is like to have fun (and headaches) while living the lifestyle of an American hunting couple. They show you the good and the not so good while traveling throughout North America chasing critters of all shapes and sizes. Whether they are traveling on The Crush bus, or they are hunting back home in Salem, Iowa, viewers are enter tained each and every week all year long watching and learning the do’s and don’ts of a fun yet exhausting lifestyle. Lee and Tiffany love the challenges of hunting almost any animal but their true love is chasing whitetails. They plant over 1000 acres of food plots, hang over 100 tree stands, set up numerous blinds and strap over a hundred trail cameras on to trees just to figure out the ways of the whitetail deer. Some will say that Lee and Tiffany are America’s most "entertaining" hunting couple while others will say that they are Americas "favorite" hunting couple. Either way The Crush with Lee and Tiffany will make you laugh, maybe cry, but it will definitely make you wish you were there being a third wheel of this energetic young couple. Lee & Tiffany Lakosky Both Lee and Tiffany spend countless hours sharpening their hunting skills and actively manage their land for trophy whitetails in eastern Iowa. Many viewers will easily recognize both Lee and Tiffany due to the widespread use of many of their trophy photos and magazine articles which have appeared in dozens of high profile publications and catalogs over the past few seasons. "We want to take the viewers along with us, to experience the highs and lows and the laughs and the tears that we all know are part of hunting," reports Lee who helped Tiffany get started into bowhunting several years ago. "A lot of people ask me ‘Can Tiffany really get the job done?’ And the answer is a resounding yes! I’ve seen her consistently make high-pressure shots on massive trophy whitetails, time after time. I really think that the public will enjoy sharing some of these unforgettable moments with us." "We absolutely love our time in the woods, its something that we do day after day. If we are not practicing with our bows, we are managing food plots, scouting for good stand set-ups and just spending time outdoors together," says Tiffany. As the new show kicks off its first season, viewers will follow along with the Lakosky’s in a reality type show that plans to show the good, the bad and the ugly of a not so typical hunting season. With their friends, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Gary LeVox and others coming to Iowa to hunt and hang out. The show promises fast paced editing showcasing the planning, travel and in-the-field action from start to finish.