Wired To Hunt is the deer hunting blog for the next generation. Focused on sharing deer hunting news, stories and strategies on a daily basis to quench the year round thirst of the true whitetail freak. On Wired To Hunt you’ll hear about the newest gear, the latest on your favorite hunting shows and the 411 on legislation, issues and events that effect or pertain to the sport of hunting. You’ll read about the kid down the street who bagged his first buck, the twenty-something hunter who’s chasing his dream of hunting for a living and even the exclusive inside stories of the hunting “celebrities” we watch on TV. On Wired To Hunt you’ll learn new tips and strategies for every aspect of deer hunting, throughout all phases of the year. Everything from archery practice and food plots, to shed hunting and patterning mature bucks. Wired To Hunt is your #1 source for everything whitetails, every day.

Wired To Hunt was created and is now run by Mark Kenyon. An avid outdoorsman, loving everything from fishing and turkey hunting to backpacking and camping. That being said, his ultimate passion is the pursuit of the whitetail. He's chased his quarry across Michigan, Illinois, Nebraska and Pennsylvania and has succeeded with both bow and gun. 365 days a year he's

reading, watching or experiencing everything the whitetail hunting world has to offer. And all with the goal of sharing his knowledge, lessons learned and experiences with the next generation of hunters.